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Our Services

Sproutling Speech Therapy work with children from 0-5 years.

We support children who are:

  • Not meeting their expected communication milestones

  • Diagnosed with a developmental difference such as Autism, Global

         Developmental Delay or Down's Syndrome

  • Experiencing frustration because they can't communicate effectively

  • Not using words or sentences to communicate their message

  • Having difficulty understanding you


We offer parent group coaching and individual therapy to families across Australia through a telehealth parent coaching model, with a focus on supporting families through the early intervention process. We are passionate about working with autistic children and families, and children who need support to develop their language skills. 

Parent coaching in speech therapy is an approach that involves teaching parents how to support their child's speech and language development at home. This approach recognizes that parents play a critical role in their child's communication development and seeks to empower them with the tools and strategies needed to help their child succeed.

Early intervention is designed to help children who are experiencing delays or difficulties in their speech and language development. This type of therapy focuses on improving communication skills, such as understanding, speaking, and communicating for a variety of reasons through gesture, actions and words.

Early intervention language therapy may involve a variety of techniques and approaches, depending on the individual needs of the child. We work with families to individualise treatment plans all while you access treatment in your natural environment - at home

Want to know what parent coaching is, how telehealth works or how we can support you? Click below to book a 15-minute Zoom consult with Monique.
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